macho mansaf roast meat

Mansaf is a rice and meat dish, which I will go into in the next post… (to be posted very soon)…

The meat used for mansaf is usually not very flavoursome, so I’ve come to make an amazing roast to replace it!

Below is a recipe for the roast only, in the coming post, I will put up the mansaf recipe, which calls on this roast.

Not a fan of red meat, but gosh, I even loved this roast!

Serves: 20 (when made with the mansaf)


2.5kgs lamb chunks

juice of one lemon

a couple sprigs rosemary

a drizzle of some type of oil

cloves from half a head of garlic

a pickled/fresh green chilli, or two

lots of salt, pepper, onion powder and baharat and water



Defrost the meat in the fridge overnight.

Remove the meat from the fridge, and trim off any large amounts of fat.

Wash the chunks and drain any blood that’s come off into the tray while defrosting.

Spread out the chunks over a deep baking tray.

For the spice rub, the way I “measured it” was by coating the meat a number of times, so for example, go over all the pieces three times sprinkling salt generously, once over for pepper, once for onion salt, twice for the baharat.

Toss the meat so that all the pieces are evenly coated.

With a knife, make incisions into the meat.

Slice the cloves of garlic into halves or thirds and scatter over the meat, but also inserting some into the incisions.

Chop up a chilli and add it in.

Finally, pour over the lemon juice and cover the tray with al-foil.

Leave to rest on a bench for at least an hour or two.

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees celsius before marinade time is over.

Pop in the tray on the middle shelf and let it cook undisturbed for 2 hours.

At the 2 hour mark, remove from the oven, peel off the al-foil and scatter the rosemary over the meat.

I like to do this because the rosemary can sometimes make the meat taste bitter, putting it in after the meat is almost cooked infuses the flavour without making it taste bitter!

I ate that charred chilli half….

Cover with the foil and return to the oven to cook for another hour.

Inserting a knife into the meat, the juices should run clear: it means your meat’s done!

Be sure to retain the juices to make gravy. That’s what I’ve done 🙂

You can serve this just like a roast with baked potatoes (which is what I would’ve done), but I used the roast to make mansaf.. Either way,


The meat fell off the bone. So the excess fat I didn’t trim off didn’t camouflage as much as I had hoped for! 😉


8 thoughts on “macho mansaf roast meat

  1. Charles says:

    Whoa, I was gonna say that this would cost a fair bit to make, at least in France, then I noticed it was for 20 😀 I love lamb – I only discovered the joys of it later in life so I’m making up for lost time. Lemon juice and rosemary accompany it so beautifully! Looks so juicy and tender 🙂

  2. Stefanie says:

    I’m a huge fan of lamb, though I hardly ever eat it. Love the lemon and rosemary with it, like Charles. It must be a pretty awesome dish if you’re not a fan of red meat and you enjoyed it! hehe

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