opulent oreo, cream & berry pie

Last night I got into bed way past my bedtime.

I wonder if you can guess what I was doing up so late….. ??

Don’t let your very imaginative minds take you on imaginative paths: I was doing my java assignment!

Today I submitted two uni assignments: one that was all in java, the other was all in English; and about low fidelity prototype testing for the proposed game my group and I aim to make by the end of the semester.

To bore you more: I attended a digital video production workshop where my prac tutor got us to do hands-on stuff with the lights and camera. I think I did a pretty good job considering that I was zoned out for half the lecture today: remember, I slept way past my bedtime.

If you’ve made it this far in reading, then obviously, you want to know what I’ve to say next. 😛

Yes, it’s about my visual communication subject. Just earlier this week I had my tutorial workshop where our syndicate groups have to give feedback on one another’s work. My group’s allocated wall had 23 pictures (I missed the 24th one) of tantalising fati-made food, causing my hungry, without breakfast syndicate members to drool. 🙂

From the 23 pictures, the group members had to go through a special process taught in the lec to cut down on as many as they think necessary, so that I can have between 5 to 8 pictures only.

Of course, instead of that number, my group only was able to cut it down to 18.

I swear I know how to spell redundancies

At home, I took this work and blu-tacked it onto the whiteboard for revising. That’s what it is in the pic above.

All this work with pics is so that I can create a portfolio of images that revolve around a certain topic.

A couple weeks ago, I did a pitch seminar where I said how amazing my portfolio idea about dolls will be. Then a day before my tute workshop, I decide that food is the better way to go! As you may have noticed, my “certain topic” is now “Photos of a Cookbook”.

So in revising the syndicate’s choices, I thought, fati, scrap this, do your own thing!

So I rearranged the pictures, all 24, into groups.

Next, I ticked which pictures I definitely wanted to be in the 5 – 8 pic range (I ended up with 9, though) and added them into an ordered sequence.

Now this new sequence will be what I’m taking back to the workshop next week to be revised by my lecturer and tutor.

Any thoughts from your end??

Top row of photos is the sequence

Now if you’re not snoring loudly from this boring recount of my eventful week, please read on and revitalise your tastebuds with one of fati’s failed creations.

You see, this dish was supposed to be different. It was supposed to have two layers of the base you can see in the pics below, and it was supposed to be stacked with strawberries on the outside, and with a chocolate swirl on top.

As per all my high aims, I didn’t get anywhere near as far as I would have liked to. Only because I still don’t plan in accordance to what I have available. And only because I make silly mistakes, like buying low fat cream, so all the ladies who’ll try the dish, don’t feel too guilty when going to bed.


But as with all failures, something successful becomes the final product. Like this little treat. I don’t actually know what to call this dessert, so the humble name in the title might one day change.

So finally, before I write the recipe card, I’ll do a warning in red: do not buy low fat whipping cream. At all!

Serves: 12 +


3-4 packets of Oreo biscuits (I think each pack as 150g in it)

450mL thickened cream (not low fat/lite – or the like!)

1 punnet strawberries (where punnet = 250g)

1 cup frozen berries, defrosted and water drained

3/4 cup butter, at room temperature

3/4 – 1 cup icing sugar

cocoa powder for dusting



Either make these in small serve-sized springform pans, or one 8″ springform pan; I just did 1 small one, and 1 8″ pan; so I don’t know how many small ones you could do. I’m guessing between 10-15.

Crush 3 packets of Oreo biscuits using a rolling pin or food processor.

Add the butter and knead into a dough.

Lightly grease the pan/s you’ll use.

Place half the mixture in an 8″ springform pan (accordingly for small ones).

Pat down with your hand to get an even base, keep adding more mixture as you need it so that the entire bottom of the pan is an evenly laid out base.

Prepare the strawberries by slicing them into thirds or quarters (cut in 1 direction, like so | | | |)

Whip the cream and icing sugar until thick.

Draw an outer circle on top of the base with the cream.

Stand the strawberry slices on top of the cream: the cream just helps them stand up against the springform pan.

Next add more cream into the centre, about a cup.

Add the frozen berries and chunks of any remaining base dough, then top with more cream.

Lay out Oreo biscuits – then top with more cream!

Repeat this layering until all the cream (or most of it) is finished.

Add some chunks of the base to the top of the cream and berry pie.

Pop it into the fridge for no less than 6 hours to let the cream set.

You can pop it into the freezer for an hour before transferring to the fridge to speed up the setting process.

Before serving, dust generously with icing sugar.


Note: this dish is very delicate, and is not meant to act like cheesecakes. Breaking into the cream and berry pie (especially the 8″ one) will cause an immaculate ooze of berries, cream and chocolate biscuits, so don’t make this for high tea parties.


8 thoughts on “opulent oreo, cream & berry pie

  1. Charles says:

    “Serves: 12 +” – That sounds rather … optimistic. I guess you don’t know my friends 😀 1.30 in the morning isn’t really the best time for this but I could totally eat that right now 😀

  2. Stefanie says:

    How pretty! Even after it’s been cut into 🙂 And that’s quite a tasty looking cookbook spread you got there! Looks like school has been keeping you busy. Can’t say I miss that aspect of school…. good luck with your project!

  3. Good Cooks says:

    Kol aam wa anti bekhair for you fati and your family, congratulation and happy eid.
    It looks like I’m not the only one buzzy. These tiny pies looks yummy though, and the combinatin is fabulous, oreo, cream, and strawberry.
    Thanks for the recipe and tips fati, take care.

  4. fatisrecipes says:

    Awww, thank you everyone for the kind comments!
    Yes uni is keeping me on my toes, and it’s keeping my blood pressure at an all-time high!
    Eva, PLEASE eat some Oreos! I couldn’t live without them!

    Oh and thank you for the Eid greetings! 🙂

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