iftaar dinner party & show

I’m a bit unsure of where to start.

It’s only 8.30 here but it feels like it’s midnight. Yes, I’m taking out another breather from study: I’m too tired to study anyway…so why not put up a post?

On a gorgeous Saturday morning, when you wake up from your bed, and stroll into the kitchen…and see this:

….you know that you’re hosting a dinner party. And it’s serious. Especially after you note this on the wall:

I don’t know what’s worse, Translink or making this incorrect dough recipe

Trying not to panic, you then casually ask the Head Chef (i.e. mum) what’s on the menu that night…and you hear this:

Yabraq (stuffed-rolled- grape leaves)

Curry & rice

-Mutabaqah (rice layered with vegetables)

Faasooleeyah (loubia – runner bean stew)

-Kabseh (long grain rice with capsicum, tomato, chicken and nuts)

-Baamyeh (cooked okra)

Fataayer bil jibneh (haloumi cheese pies)

-Sfeeha (lahme bil ‘ajeen – flat meat pies)

Fataayer bil sabaanekh (spinach stuffed pies)



-Meat rolls (pies)

-Muqala bil fool (green broad beans with coriander and garlic)

-Garlic bread


-Lamb liver (don’t get me started!)

….and maybe a few more things I’ve completely forgotten! …. surely your mind will start racing. And you’ll worry about the size of this calm-Saturday-morning-cum-mess.

Food to feed an army? Yes. Army coming over that night? Almost.

In the next few (d/m/y – unsure of which) I will post the recipes that I got a chance to photograph 🙂

To finish off my post, I’m going to give you all a sneak peek of what’s to come for fati……

Can you guess?


sus-pense (that rhymes 😉 )


Her own cooking show.

Did you read it correctly?

Yup. fati’s very own cooking show.

LOL…I should stop ranting! It’s actually my own cooking show meaning it is a 10 minute show that will have two hosts who aren’t me of course…and my two hosts will cook two recipes. Pistachio Baqlawa and Qataayef Asaafeeri. It is my duty to do the other stuff…

I mean like turning our kitchen into a studio…. Then doing make up. Then the pre-shooting, then taping, and then post-editing. Oh of course, and submitting it at the assignment chute at uni! 🙂

Can you guess what my show is titled?

Hehehe…. here are some clues… Click to make it larger 🙂


9 thoughts on “iftaar dinner party & show

  1. Charles says:

    Niiiice, it’s really interesting to look at the “script” of the show – seeing that you have to plan everything in advance. Like “now zoom to close up of x and y dish”. Good luck with that! Hope you enjoyed (or will enjoy) the food from the dinner party too (looks and sounds amazing).

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