the SLC

Ehm. Still alive. Just not blogging.

Since I started something called uni – there has been very little time to do anything but stress over assignments and waking up early after a very late night of study.

I miss home life – I really got used to it for …how many months?! 😮


So anyway, Food Doc has been kind enough to pass on this 7-link blog challenge. I’m so happy to take it up – I’m just completely stuffing this whole study thing, and taking a breather. To post.


Seven Links: Seven Categories: Here they are…


Most beautiful post: sinisterly pleasing stuffed potato – one of many: it was so hard to choose this one

Most popular post: luxurious lasagne muffins – a very impressive one, too!

Most controversial post: gleaming guacamole – sour cream smooth or chunky tomato?

Most helpful post: goodbye grandma: suitcase cake – received lots of hits from “how to” searches

Surprisingly successful post: charismatic choc-chip cupcakes – didn’t think it’d turn out so well after all

Lacked deserved attention post: precious pomegranate juice – honestly: pree-cciiouuuss!

fati is proud of it post:  baffling burger muffins – proud to have done them decently despite the rush!



Five bloggers to receive this challenge:

Doodlemum’s sketch blog

The Gourmet Wino blog

Marynika’s Food To Heart blog

A Dash of Sugar and Spice blog

Saffron & Honey blog


That concludes my challenge. Thank you Food Doc for the opportunity to stretch my mind and pick and choose from posts I have close attachments to!

Looking forward to posting a Kibbeh recipe really soon. It’s been sitting in my draw for months now (since I last made it)!

And keep an eye out for a note about my new camera (almost)… Yes, the one I wanted to buy about 3-4 months ago for those who knew. I’ve come really close to finally choosing one – I believe it’s going to be a Cannon (or Nikon possibly). Hoorah.


Also just a quick shout out to any advanced Java programmers. If you’re feeling kind enough to help me, I’ll be kind enough to bake you a treat and send it through express post  😉 No really. Java is killing me. Okay, I’ll pay for lunch instead if you don’t like mailed baked goods.


8 thoughts on “the SLC

  1. Charles says:

    Come to the dark side and learn .NET and C# and then maybe I’ll see about sorting you out with some help 😀

    Hope your studies are going well – nice to view some of the old posts, including a couple I haven’t seen before!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Welcome back! 🙂 Thanks for tagging me… should be interesting to see what I can come up with. hehe.
    Good luck with your studies! Programming has never seemed fun to me. I just like the end result that other people create, and I get to play with!

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