humble heart burgers

When my granny made these meat patties a few months ago, I stayed right away. If I could be a vegetarian, I honestly wouldn’t hold back. The veggie in me isn’t because of animal friendliness (rather, I have a morbid fear of every animal alive), it’s just because I’m no fan of red meat – because it tastes….. meaty. I thought, grandma, how can I eat these when there’s no flavour to overcome that meatiness?! I was simply not convinced.

Until I tried one.

It tasted beyond..


Today I learnt the recipe from mum, here it is below… Enjoy!

Serves: 2


2 large bread rolls

Burger meat:

200 g minced beef (or any red meat – maybe minced chicken works, too)

1/2 cup semolina (extra for work surface)

1 egg

salt, pepper, baharat to taste, paprika and powdered veggie/chicken stock is optional

Burger fillings:

lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot, cheese, sauces


Combine the burger meat ingredients in a bowl and mix until well incorporated.

To make hearts, your meat will need to be very cold, yet pliable, so you might want to pop it into the freezer for a while.

Now I don’t know how grandma rolled it, but I had to do lots of experimenting today to find out a suitable method.

Option one: dust a work bench with semolina, and flour your rolling pin (you can “semolina it” can you?) 😉

Place the meat on the bench and dust with semolina.

Roll your meat to a desired thickness.

Cut out a love heart using a pancake mould.

Transfer to a plate or storing container or a pan!

Option two: Place greaseproof paper (shiny side up) on a bench. Place the meat on it.

Top the meat with another paper (shiny side down onto meat).

Roll to desired thickness.

Remove top paper, cut out shapes and transfer the meat patties.


Option three: use cling wrap instead of greaseproof paper for option 2.

These three were the ones I tried. I also tried to flour the surface instead of using semolina, but I wouldn’t suggest you do that.


Heat a pan with a light drizzle of oil.

Turn down the heat to medium and place the patties in the pan to cook for a few minutes on each side.

When ready, dish up and leave aside for plating.

Prepare the vegetables by cutting them into wedges, slices, grated, etc.

Split your bun in half and pop on a meat patty.**

Top with a slice of cheese….

….then the vegetables.

Finish with some mayo and sauce.

Salt and pepper for those who like it.



**A cute idea is to keep the bun open and place a love heart pattie on the inside of the top half. That way your lovely hearts will be noticed, and everyone can share the love!




8 thoughts on “humble heart burgers

  1. Charles says:

    Oooh, when I saw the title I had visions of some sort of strange tripe burger. So pleased to see they’re just “regular” ones! You missed out “onion” on your fillings list. No good burger should be without a thick slice of raw onion 😀

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