passionate pancakes

Serves: ~ 5


375 g pancake mix (for the lazy cooks!)

1 tsp strawberry jam (per pancake)

powdered vanilla

seasonal berries or hazelnuts


Prepare your pancake mix.

Spray a large, flat pan on medium heat.

Use your finger to oil the inside of a heart-shaped egg molder.

Place the molder in the pan

Fill the molder half way (or as thick/thin as you like) with the pancake mix.

Turn down the heat so it can evenly cook.

When bubbles form on the upper side of the pancake appear, it is ready to be flipped.

Using a fork or butter knife to help remove the pancake from the sides of the egg mold.

Remove the egg mold from the pan and flip your pancake.

Cook to desired texture (I like them golden brown).

Repeat this process until you have reached the number of pancakes you want to make.

Pop the pancake/s on a plate and top with strawberry jam.

Dust with vanilla essence and garnish the plate with seasonal berries.

As it is winter Down Under, I used hazelnuts.

Serve for breakkie with a hot cuppa.

Of course I left the butter out completely! I alway find it’s best to leave each person up to their own mind about how much butter they want to put.

You can get really fancy and place berries or maple syrup between two pancakes.

Serve it with cream sponged between two, make a hearty tower to show your special one how much you love them…..

Or just put two love hearts, one partially on top of the other, and serve with berries, butter, honey, syrup, what ever 😀

I did this with butter and jam….

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