PLEP salad – fati wins a wallpaper

Ehm. Ehm.

Just announcing….

Testing… 1… 2… 3…

fati wins.

Has your computer broke? Your screen fuzz?

Shall I give it another try? In slow-motion, maybe? …

f-aa-t-ii   w-ii-nn-ss.

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

So here we were, reading chef in disguise‘s post… A really yummy salad…Without a name.

She puts forward a contest for her readers to think of one. We were all so uncreative ( 😉 ) that she thought she’ll draw (hehe, changing the story a bit)…

So she puts us in a bowl/hat/tub/pot/I wasn’t there to see it…

And she draws… And she gets….. fati.

She sighs (I think). And sulks (Why her?!). And shortly after (unwillingly) announces that I win the draw!

I do my hooray dance.

Drool over a list of pictures.

Choose two due to my indecisiveness.

And a famous Arabian quote (with a twist).

And she heads off to do her magic.

And makes me regret choosing such good pics.

Because I want to bite my screen off every time I see them.

Story ends. Wallpaper below.

WARNING: you may need to be strapped before scrolling down to see 🙂














click to enlarge – you’ll love to get up close and personal with this wallpaper! 🙂


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