killer fruit kebabs

Watch your eye…

Yields: 15 – 20


1 bunch green grapes (about 200g)

1 bunch red grapes (also about 200g)

1/2 rockmelon a.k.a. cantaloupe, cubed

1 cup watermelon cubes

1 cup honey melon cubes

2 kiwi fuit, peeled & cubed [see method]

2 oranges, peeled & cubed [see method]

2 pears, cubed [see method]

…or any other fruit you love!


Place your bamboo sticks in a shallow plate of water to soak.

To cube kiwifruit:

Cut in half vertically. Repeat this step to form 4 wedges.

Cut twice through each wedge (widthwise) to form cubes.

To cube oranges:

Method 1.

Cut in half vertically (along the lines of it’s wedges).

Repeat this to form quater wedges.

Cut twice or thrice widthwise to form cubes.

Method 2.

Separate the orange wedges (where they occur naturally).

Cut each wedge in half (or into thirds if you want small pieces).

Note, this method gives you thinner orange pieces.

To cube pears:

Remove the pear stalk.

Cut down the centre (vertically – again!)

Repeat to get quarter wedges.

Take each wedge and remove the seeds but cutting round them.

Cut widthwise into thirds to get cubes.

When you have !CUBED! all your fruit, begin by taking one bamboo stick.

Push through one or two of every fruit until the bamboo stick is full.

Leave room on the ends so that it can be held firmly.

Be sure to vary & alternate in colour, eg. try not to put 2 greens together (kiwi fruit, honey melon) or 2 reds together (watermelon, red grapes).

Serve with some cocktail umbrellas for that added summer affect, or make roses from the orange peel!

What ever you garnish your kebabs with, be sure to


An awesome alternative to fruit salad 😀


7 thoughts on “killer fruit kebabs

    • fatisrecipes says:

      😀 I wonder who wouldn’t… they’re such a fun way to eat fruit! 🙂
      The little ones in the house play swords when they’re done eating. Then I have to take the sticks away before anyone gets poked 🙂 hehehe….

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