special finger fruit stacks

perfect for healthy morning teas or party finger food… šŸ™‚

Yields: 12


4 strawberries

1 kiwi fruit

12 blackberries

3 pineapple rings (canned) – can equally use fresh if you prefer


Open the can of pineapple rings and drain three rings.

Meanwhile, wash the strawberries and hull.

Cut strawberries into thirds (lengthwise – like a fan). Leave aside.

Wash and peel the kiwi fruit.

Slice through the centre verically.

Continue to cut each side of the kiwi fruit into six slices (widthwise).

Wash the blackberries and set aside.

Cut the pineapple rings into quarters.

Using a decorated toothpick, push through one blackberry.

Follow it with a strawberry slice.

Under that, push the toothpick into a slice of kiwifruit.

Seal the bottom with a slice of pineapple.

Place on your favourite plate, and repeat the process for the remaining fruit.


Of course you can also serve these fruit stacks with a dollop of whipped cream, custard or ice cream!

If you don’t like the fruit I’ve used, then choose whatever tickles your fancy! šŸ˜€


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