..inflexibly resourceful..

Clash, rather. Not cliché as I thought for a second. I think I’ve lost my mind: been up to lots in the kitchen, and little in WPress. But I finally decided it’s time I acknowledged the 2nd thing I ever “win” in my life. The first was a 2nd place ribbon from a sprint which my friends and I pre-planned (I would’ve come last otherwise).

What’s it called? Oh yah, Versatile Blogger Award. Rufus, thank you.

apparently this is the stamp that I post to show that I won ... ??

I want to delve straight to what needs doing, but apparently I should explain. Rules have it (and I really wonder who made them up), I’m to say 7 things about me (they need to be facts 😦 ) and choose some 15 bloggers to give the award to. I don’t know many bloggers. So that’s not happening, but I’ve put together a list of those who I think deserve this more than I do…. 🙂


  1. My name isn’t fati: it’s a nickname
  2. I don’t like to spell my nicknames with capitals, it sends shivers down my spine
  3. I capitalise and abide by full grammar laws when sending text messages
  4. I’m not a minor, but I’m not 21 either: the blood donor people always stop me for blood thinking I am
  5. I’m really good at photography (I’ve sat through 2 courses) but I don’t have the time, or a good camera (way to go iPhone camera – better than nothing): recommend one for me, please
  6. I ate octopus for the first time yesterday (squelch!)
  7. I love Arabian and Indian cuisine the most

As for the blog award…… I chose the following blogs:

Marynika’s Food To Heart blog – amazing photos, amazing food

Doodlemum’s sketch blog – I adore her sketches

The Gourmet Wino blog – I love the “my notes” part; such a neat-straightforward layout

The Scraping Bowl blog – reminds me of the food I love back in the middle east

Tiny Island blog – I love travelling!

Heesbees Tajweed blog – spreading the knowledge of Tajweed

Laila Blogs – Endlessly resourceful, thank you Laila

If I happened to come across any more in the future, I’ll surely be adding them to the list.

As for now, I’m off to a place where versatility has no limits. I’m off to the land of nod. 🙂


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