classy cappuccino hazelnut cake: take 2

If you’ve read my post about the divine cappuccino hazelnut cake I made last week, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about now.

I had some friends come over who hadn’t tried the cake the first time, so I made it again for them this time…

Only difference to the recipe would be that I used a meridia cake mix instead of the vanilla one I used the first time. Either way, the cake still had the same great cappuccino taste, spongy moistness and hazelnut crunch!

Needn’t to say it left no trail of existence when they were done with it 🙂

Looking so delicious I want some more now…

Personally don’t like to fill the middle with too much cream

I stole a photo before it disappeared!


The recipe can be found here. What I love most about this recipe, is that it’s proved itself to be ‘re-doable’. I hate recipes that work once beautifully, only to never -ever- work again. 🙂


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