wonderful roti wraps

wonderful roti wrap picture

Serves: 5


200g mince meat (lamb or beef, I used lamb)

6 tbs tomato sauce

6 tbs bbq sauce

2 tbs tomato paste

salt, pepper, mixed spice

paprika (optional)

1/4 large lettuce

1 tomato

1 cucumber

2 carrots

5 roti parathas – I started buying a 2kg bag of frozen roti paratha because it takes too long to make it!


Cover the base of a large pan on high heat with salt, pepper, spice and paprika. Add the mince meat and break up so that it is evenly coated. Add the sauces and tomato paste and stir. Cover with a lid and reduce the heat to medium-low. Stir occasionally.

meat cooking in sauce pictureYour meat should look something like this….

Place another large pan on high heat. Take one roti and place it in the centre of the pan. There is no need to grease the pan – however this depends on the type of roti you are using.

The ones I use are frozen and are to be put straight onto a hot pan. Because of this, I press it down, especially in the centre so that it can cook through.

press down the roti picturePress down from the sides, then work your way into the centre before it gets too soft

Once in the pan, reduce the heat to medium-low and wait a few minutes to cook through.

roti cooking slowly picture


roti a bit more cooked picture


Flip and repeat the process… Not forgetting to stir the meat occasionally.

roti cooking picture


finished cooking roti pictureDone!

By the time you finish doing the five (they do need some time, sadly) the meat would be finished! To double check if yours is done, it should look a bit like this:

meat cooked picture

Turn off the heat, and begin with the veggies!

Slice the cucumber and grate the carrot. –I used a manual cutter that did my cucumbers and carrots in 10 seconds – I also grated the first carrot, and finely sliced the second–

Roughly chop the lettuce, and the tomato into wedges.

veggies all cut up picture

Begin to put together your roti wraps.

First place 2 – 3 tbs of meat in the centre.

first step picture

Next add lettuce:

2nd step picture

Next, add carrot:

3rd step carrot picture

Then add tomato:

4th step - tomato picture

Place cucumber on top:

5th step - cucumber picture

Squirt of mayo:

almost done wrap picture

Wrap and …


devour the wrap picture

A perfect addition to this wrap would be cheese! Yum!


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