water to moisten cooking process of vegetables picture

captivating pan-bbq chicken

If you love the idea of pan bbq’ed chicken, then you just HAVE to try my pan-bbq’ed chicken strips. They’re charmingly divine.

chicken and veggies picture

Serves: 2


1 large chicken breast

2 cups frozen vegetable mix (any kind)

3 tbs tomato sauce

3 tbs barbecue sauce

1 tbs tomato paste

5 parsley stems, roughly chopped

1 tsp olive oil

salt, pepper, mixed spice

paprika (optional)



Thaw the vegetables in the microwave (do not cook through!) or place on a bench to defrost.

In a bowl, add the tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, tomato paste and chopped parsley. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and spice.


Slice the chicken breast widthwise into strips. Using a pastry brush, coat the chicken with the marinade and leave aside.

Place a large non-stick pan on high heat and add the olive oil. When hot, add the chicken breasts and turn down the heat to medium-low. Turn over after a few minutes and wait to cook through.

sample of burnt remains from pan pictureIt’s ugly. It’s from the pan. It’s something you should be careful of when cleaning.

In a bowl, add the remaining marinade to the vegetables. Do not remove the water from the vegetables (from the defrosted ice) to keep the cooking process moist. When well coated, remove the chicken from the pan and add the vegetables without cleaning it.

chicken and vegetables pictureChicken dished, veggies in!

water to moisten cooking process of vegetables pictureNotice the bubbles made from the water. When mixed with the sauce, it keeps the cooking process moist so you don’t need to cover the pan to retain steam.

Cook for a few minutes or until desired texture is reached.

Dish up and serve with a dollop of yoghurt if desired.


bbq chicken picture

This of course isn’t a serve for two people. When I made this dish again because it was so yummy, I made it to serve 5. This time I used 4 chicken breasts. Picture above is the result.

stir fry vegetables cooked

For 5 people, I used half a pack of Oriental Stir Fry vegetables, and added wong bok to the mix because I had a whole one which I don’t want to go off. Half a pack equates to 250 grams, if my memory hasn’t failed me. I’ll report back if it’s otherwise.


2 thoughts on “captivating pan-bbq chicken

  1. Charles says:

    Looks like a perfect thing to serve a family on a weekday night – I should imagine it doesn’t take overly long from start to finish. Delicious looking last two pictures too!

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